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Are you ready to get ahead of the game, learn from a TOP WORKING model with over a decade of experience, and get the short cut so you don’t waste anymore time with dead end moves? Look no further cause #LifeOfAWorkingModelBootCamp has you covered and we want to see you in NYC!! Liris came up the hard way spending thousands of dollars and years figuring it out on her own. But investing with #LOAWMBC can help you side-step much of what she went thru so you can be prepared for the next level! That’s PRICELESS! If you’d you to have Liris bring the Bootcamp to your city for 15 or more people, contact us at LifeOfAWorkingModel@gmail.com


Life Of A Working Model Boot Camp is the brainchild of plus supermodel, Liris Crosse, who touts over a decade of experience in the modeling industry as a working model who has covered almost all the facets of it! She gets asked so much for direction that she created these bootcamps designed to Life of a Working Model Boot Camp is the brainchild of plus supermodel, Liris Crosse, who has more than a decade of experience as a working model. For years, young girls and women often sought her counsel and advice online concerning their walk, poses, look and best practices to make it as a successful model. She decided to work more closely with potential those individuals and provide a space for more intimate and helpful direction and that’s when Life of a Working Boot Camp was born.
The first boot camp launched in New York City in 2014. Since then, it has traveled across the country and led to several participants signing with top model agencies and booking major runway shows. The two-day event includes “The Master Class” and “Perfection in Posing” along with a pop-up “Walk It Like Naomi” runway class. The boot camp is the perfect investment not only for those desiring to launch or propel their modeling career but for girls and women of all ages to build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love.
For more information and to see video from some of our previous boot camps, visit, www.facebook.com/lifeofaworkingmodelbootcamp


Model Clarity Sessions

Get advice that can change the trajectory of your modeling career! Model Clarity Sessions are perfect for models who need quick but engaging advice. Ask all the questions you want in this 30-minute session with Liris as she provides tips and tools for runway walk, how to change your look and advice on whether to sign that modeling contract.



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